The City of Subiaco is set to reduce carbon emissions in 2020.

January 27, 2020

The City of Subiaco vision is to reduce carbon emissions 2020.

To achieve this we are transitioning to a zero carbon vehicle fleet.

This new fleet with reduce carbon emissions by 59 tonnes and save more than $20,000 a year in fuel costs.

The City now has four Nissan Leaf electric vehicles and one Toyota Corolla hybrid vehicle, with an additional three hybrid vehicles due for delivery in January!!

The vehicles are used for rangers and pool vehicles for staff, these will enable the City to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions dramatically.

The electric and hybrid vehicles are going to have a significant impact on carbon reduction, as the City has big plans when it comes to sustainability.

To find out more please visit the City of Subiaco website 


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Ticket Machine Faults

If you come across a fault with one of our machines please contact 1300 187 603 for immediate assistance.

Please note if the credit card payment facility is offline you must pay for parking either by coin or by our pay-by-phone app.

The credit card payment facility may occasionally encounter technical issues, generally in relation to communicating with the bank via the mobile network. If your credit card has been declined but a charge appears on your account, don’t worry our parking machines detect errors and automatically refund the charge.

The refund may take 1 to 3 business days to appear on your account, depending on how your bank processes refunds. If you are concerned that an error has occurred, or you have been charged incorrectly, contact us on